Aerial Photography & Videography
in St. Cloud, MN

It’s not just the interior of a home that matters. Before buyers schedule a tour, they also want to know what the exterior and full scope of the property looks like. It’s important to give them a full view of the landscape and the context of the property itself. Through drone photography and videography in Richmond, Saint Cloud, St Augusta, and Rockville, MN, 360 Real Estate Image LLC. will help you deliver a complete listing to interested buyers.

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Using drones, our FAA Certified and fully-insured videographers create stunning aerial stills and videos of properties. From the driveway leadup to the front door, to a complete panorama of the landscape and surrounding lots, it’s our intent to help you inform your buyer. And, we know time is of the essence, which is why our drone photographs and images are ready in 24-72 hours!

Drone Photography and Videography

With the technology available today, buyers are expecting more and more information online. We don’t disappoint them. We offer them an option that is leaps and bounds above images they will see through Google Maps or other GPS software. We’re talking about drone photography and aerial videography in St. Cloud, MN.

Our aerial photography in St. Cloud, MN includes a polished, edited aerial movie set to music. We list your property location and include two aerial stills to paint a clear, visual picture of exactly what an interested buyer can expect to see. Plus, we deliver your drone photos and movies with either branded or unbranded hyperlinks. All music in movies is royalty free.

Capture the Entire Property’s Appeal

Most real estate listings offer photos. Many offer virtual tours. Why not go above and beyond the norm (literally)? With our aerial videography, we allow buyers to get a full, breathtaking view of your property. With this bonus material, when they click on your home, they won’t want to click away! Aerial drone imaging is good for showing many things that just aren’t feasible through general photography, including:

  • The size and scope of a lot and the surrounding lots
  • Context for where the home is on a lot and what’s nearby
  • What the true curb appeal of the property is
  • How the exterior is set up, especially with decks, porches and driveways
  • The integrity of exterior features, like roofing or outbuildings

The true appeal of a property shines when you can capture it from above! It’s a great way to make the home stand out on the landscape and give people a true birds-eye view of a home that’s already piqued their attention.

Distinguish Your Listing with Aerial Photography

To get top dollar for your home, it needs to stand out from the competition. Even if you’re already capturing the many interior assets of the home, make sure you’re also focusing on the exterior.

360 Real Estate Image LLC. provides drone photography and videography to give prospective buyers a true sense of the property—the whole property. To learn more about the many benefits of aerial drone imaging, virtual real estate tours, 3D Matterport mapping, and other real estate photography services for your real estate listings, contact us today at 320-250-8712.