What Is The Future Of Drone Photography?

Long ago, the idea of drones dominating the sky was science fiction. Currently, the number of drones in the sky is rapidly increasing. In addition, the use of drones has stopped being limited to specific fields like the military. Other fields have realized the potential of drones in expanding their businesses. Industries such as content creators, agriculture, fire departments, private companies and architectural photography.

Architectural photography is also known as structural or building photography, which means that a building is the main focus of the picture. The photography efforts could include shooting the interior and exterior of a building and other building structures, such as bridges and cityscapes.

The Federal Aviation Administration has enacted several drone laws to ensure security and safety. The latest regulations positively impact the growing real estate photography services by drones. 

What Is the Future of Drone Photography?

In the United States alone, there are 1.7 million registered drones. The number is set to continue rising, projecting $43 billion for the global market for drone technology by the year 2024.

What do these numbers mean for real estate photography? Customers are evolving and no longer settling for low-quality images. Their knowledge of drones for photography has set their expectations higher than ever. A simple snapshot of a house is not adequate to capture the imagination of a potential buyer. 

Drone photography does not make other marketing strategies obsolete. Print advertising on the brochures and postcards should also reflect quality to get speedy results and potential customers to turn into buyers. 

How Can Drone Photography Improve My Real Estate Listing?

According to estimates, about 97% of home buyers begin their search online. When searching for a home, a homebuyer prefers clear and almost 3D listings. This allows them to understand better what to expect even before physically visiting the premises.

Drone photography as a marketing concept provides the potential homebuyer with a virtual real estate tour. Homes sell at a higher price and faster if listed with a virtual tour. 

The tour allows the listers to showcase their home to many people without physical meetings. For a real estate agent, homebuyers can view the virtual tours any day. This keeps people on your website longer, making your listing get more views and more customers.

As the demand for drones increases, the onboard electronics, such as cameras and sensor technology, are set to be more sophisticated than ever. The future camera technology aims at providing a higher resolution, meaning higher quality images from the drones. This promises many benefits for real estate photographers and architecture photography companies.

 The benefits include:

  • Accuracy
  • Better highlights the property features
  • Dynamic visuals
  • Better listings
  • Easy way to out-perform the competition
  • More savings, higher results

Drone photography elevates the customer’s experience and the possibility of expansion and growth for real estate companies. At 360 Real Estate Image LLC, we know that photos communicate better than words. We offer quality services, and turnaround time is customer-oriented. So book now to get high-quality visuals. We use state-of-the-art equipment to help you get a better listing on your house.

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