Five Reasons You Should Incorporate Aerial Photography in Your Real Estate Listing


What are the benefits of aerial photography in real estate? Drones are becoming a common site in many industries, from construction to agriculture. They’ve also had an impact on the real estate market, being used to create breathtaking photographs that inspire potential buyers to take a closer look at your listing.

So, what is aerial photography, and what are the benefits? Read on to discover the reasons aerial photography is revolutionizing the real estate industry.

Provide a clear picture of the layout

Aerial photography gives potential buyers a unique look at the layout of an entire property. With the help of a drone, professional photographers can give buyers a quick visual understanding of how a property is laid out. The images help them determine a home’s spatial qualities, as well as how the home relates to the land it sits on. Since certain things like views don’t translate well in a property description, aerial photographs serve as a helpful visual aid to give buyers some extra context.

Highlight special features

Selling a home with a pool? What about an outdoor kitchen or expansive patio? Aerial photographs are a great tool for featuring a property’s outdoor amenities, including gardens and well-manicured lawns. Show off these features to scale effectively and attractively with drone photography.

Showcase acreage

Aerial photographs are an absolute must if you’re selling expansive properties with acreage. They give buyers a way to visualize the full extent of what they could be buying—even if it’s several hundred acres. Since these properties typically sell for a premium, aerial photography is just something buyers have come to expect with a quality listing.

Showcase surroundings

One of the benefits of aerial photography in real estate is that it gives potential buyers a bird’s-eye view of a property’s immediate surroundings. Today’s buyers are looking at much more than just the condition of a home and the space inside—they want to be sure the surrounding environment matches their lifestyle.

Aerial photography is especially effective for showcasing any attractions near the home. It can provide an attractive snapshot of a nearby golf course, lake, scenic parks, playgrounds and anything else that makes the area unique. Potential buyers don’t have the time to look at Google Earth to scope out nearby points of interest—only aerial photography can showcase these features and turn them into an additional selling point.

Boost visibility for your listing

It’s no secret that aerial photography is effective because it’s instantly engaging. Adding a few dramatic aerial shots can generate a buzz for your listing. Every quality listing these days has great photography. Set yours apart by going the extra mile and investing in drone photographs to help you generate buyer interest and sell the property faster.

Now that you understand more about what aerial photography is and what the benefits are, reach out to 360 Real Estate Image LLC and discover how drones can take your listings to the next level. We provide professional, high-quality aerial photography that gets homes sold faster and for top dollar.

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