How Photos Can Make or Break the First Impression for Potential Home Buyers

Putting your house on the market soon? Getting professional real estate photos can sell your home faster and for a better price. In fact, the photos can make or break potential home buyers’ first impressions, so it’s key to make sure you work with a pro.

Here’s how photos can increase your home’s value when selling:

  • Buyers won’t consider properties without photos: The vast majority of buyers won’t even consider properties without photos. Since the housing market is so competitive, you need every advantage you can get. Failing to get photos (or having substandard photos) could turn off potential buyers before they even step foot in your home.
  • Buyers rely on photos to help make decisions: Another factor to consider is that even if a buyer comes to your home, they’ll probably use the listing and its photos to help keep track of which properties they loved. If you don’t have photos up or if they’re low-quality pictures, that can color the buyer’s memory later. On the other hand, great photos that maximize all your home’s features can tip the scales in your favor later. When the buyers go through the listings they loved, you want to stand out from the crowd in a positive manner.
  • Professional photos sell homes faster: Your home will sell about 30 percent faster when you use professional photographers. Buyers are visual and can fall in love with the property before they even visit. Make sure that your home is at the top of their must-see list when you use a pro.
  • Professional photos sell homes for more money: Finally, professional photos can help your home sell for more money than you might have gotten otherwise. It’s fair to say that any money you put into the photos will be recouped and exceeded later on.

Tips for professional photos

Now that you know how professional real estate photos can sell your home faster and increase its value, here are some quick tips for staging those photos:

  • Hire a professional stager: Some real estate photographers might stage your home as part of the package. If not, hire a professional stager. Stagers use interior design expertise and knowledge of hot trends to make your home look like a showcase.
  • Reduce the clutter: Even if you don’t hire a stager, make sure that you get rid of as much clutter as possible. Some stagers suggest removing anything that would keep the buyer from imagining that this is their home, such as family photos or personal knickknacks.
  • Keep it simple: In addition to reducing clutter, you might need to remove furniture while taking photos. You want the home’s design and architecture to stand out—not how many armchairs you can jam into your living room.

Still thinking about how much photos can increase your home’s value when selling? If you have questions about professional real estate photos and selling your home, the team at 360 Real Estate Image LLC. can help. Call us today to book an appointment for our professional photography and videography services.

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