5 Reasons Why Listing Photos Matter When Selling a Home

If you’re wondering whether you should hire a professional to take photos of your home listing, the answer is yes. Photos do matter when listing your home on the market. Professional photos make a big difference in how your home appears to prospective buyers so that they’ll already have a great impression before they ever step foot on the property.

Here are five reasons why photos matter when you’re selling your home:

  • Buyers use the internet to research prospective homes: The vast majority of buyers look at homes online when they’re in the market. Today’s technology has made it very easy to search for exactly what you need in the location you want; however, since home prices are soaring, there’s a lot of competition out there. To entice buyers, you’ll need photos to accompany your listing.
  • Professional photographers can make your home look more inviting: No matter how skilled you are with your home camera, a professional can work wonders in your home. Professional photographers know how to make the most of the lighting, surroundings and angles to show your home to the best This is great for the competitive market—they can make even a modest home look like a warm, inviting space that buyers will want to check out.
  • Hiring a photographer saves your agent time: Hiring a professional will speed up the listing process. Instead of having your agent handle details like staging, lighting, angles and which features to focus upon, your photographer can take care of it on their own. This frees up your agent’s time so that they can focus on their own specialties. Why not take something off their plate and let another professional handle these details?
  • Buyers expect photos when looking at a home: Even if a buyer finds your home out in the wild, they’ll still expect photos for your online listings. After all, they’re probably looking at dozens of other homes. That can get confusing, especially if you’re trying to remember which one you liked the best. Make the choice easy for your buyers by having high-quality professional photos on your listing. It might even tip the scales in your favor.
  • Homes with professional photos sell for more money: Last but not least, if you have professional photos, your home is more likely to sell for thousands of dollars more than asking. Some homes see a nearly 50 percent increase in price per square foot—and it’s all because the high-quality pictures show them off to their best advantage.

Yes, photos matter when you’re listing your home on the market, and hiring a professional can make a major difference. Whatever money you put into the photos is sure to be rewarded several times over.

If you have questions about photos for listing your home or the types of photos that work best, reach out to the team at 360 Real Estate Image LLC. today. We look forward to helping you sell your home at a great price.

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