Why Buyers, Sellers and Agents All Love 3D Video Tours

In a discussion of 3D virtual tours, two important questions top the list. What is the purpose of 3D tours in selling my home? And can 3D tours help my house sell quicker? When we look at the answers to these questions, we quickly see why 3D virtual tours are loved by homeowners, home buyers and realtors. Here’s the scoop.

How it works

A 3D virtual tour is a fully immersive and interactive experience. It takes viewers into the home for a virtual walk-around that may include narration, sound effects, measurements and other information or text.

Potential home buyers can stream the tour on the web and view it on almost any mobile device. That means they can “visit” the home from anywhere, any time.

Why it works

A 3D tour allows potential buyers to obtain a realistic sense of the home before traveling to see it in person. This convenience is quickly becoming a must-have for listings. Nine out of 10 home buyers are shopping for homes online as part of their home buying process, and many want to see a virtual tour of the home before they are willing to commit to an in-person viewing.

It’s a simple concept, really. Images and videos have become consumers’ go-to modes for shopping and selecting products and services. This holds true for homes, too. The listings that include 3D tours will attract more attention and sell more quickly. In fact, recent research has suggested that listings featuring 3D virtual tours spend less time on the market and sell for higher prices.

A 3D tour also saves time and hassle for the seller because they won’t have to prep the home for as many showings. It provides the public with a 24/7 open house to view the home at their convenience. Sellers will have fewer buyers walking through who are not serious shoppers. The ones who make the effort to see the home in person have already looked at it online and are seriously considering purchasing the home.

Buyers also like this option because it is more convenient and stress-free for them. They can take the tour when they want to and take as much time as they want, without a realtor or homeowner looking over their shoulder.

When it works

An important concept to keep in mind is that not all 3D virtual tours are created equal. Can a 3D tour help a house sell quicker? Yes, but only if it is a quality video. A poorly made tour will turn buyers off rather than attract them.

To get the results you want from a 3D tour, it’s crucial to partner with a professional photographer to create the product. Offering a polished, well-produced tour will get your listing the positive attention you desire.

Reap the benefits

To take advantage of the many benefits of 3D tours, contact the professionals at 360 Real Estate Image LLC. We use state-of-the-art software and equipment to deliver first-rate results, every time. Contact us today for a fully customized shoot that will make your listing look its best. Reach our 3D tour experts at 320-250-8712.

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